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SCANDAL WATCH. His blog Eric Dixon has broken stories for or provided analysis cited by,
USA Today,  the Wall Street JournalNew York Daily News,Newark Star-Ledger,WorldNetDailyESPN, the Huffington Post and

ERIC DIXON on the radio talking about the 2008-09 financial crisis and lack of criminal prosecutions.

Regular commentator on Real Clear Markets, writing about legal and economic issues.  Quoted by USA Today regarding the recent "Bridgegate" scandalinvolving Governor Chris Christie, and the subject of this Newark Star-Ledger column also on "Bridgegate" and the state lawyers' investigative report. 
Regular commentator on Real Clear Markets, writing about legal and economic issues.  Quoted by USA Today regarding the recent "Bridgegate" scandalinvolving Governor Chris Christie, and the subject of this Newark Star-Ledger column also on "Bridgegate" and the state lawyers' investigative report. 


1. Excellence matters.  I have 25 years experience as a New York lawyer (Yale Law School graduate) with a clean disciplinary record. That means great judgment and obedience to the law. That's what you need. 

And that's why top blockchain industry inventors, executives, elected officials and even presidential candidates come to me for top quality judgment and analysis, with confidences kept secret at all times. 

2. Achievements matter. Eric Dixon is the only blockchain-industry lawyer who is a co-inventor on two approved blockchain-related patents! (See 9,608,829 and 9,836,908). 

3. Loyalty to the client: Ethics matter, because you have to be able to trust your lawyer. I have a clean disciplinary record over 25 years. I don't have conflicts because I don't work at a huge law firm where your competitor may be in the office down the hall and where clients often get "fired" because the firm wants to avoid a conflict with a bigger and more powerful client -- your competitor.


4. Reasonable rates and equity share in companies so I grow with you. My rates are affordable and reflect value to both you and me. I sometimes "invest" in clients so our interests are aligned. 

5. Don't pay for the expensive brand name of yesterday. Most big firms outsource much of their work, then mark up their bill. You're being sold a fancy product -- a premium caviar label on store-brand tuna fish. Most international-class lawyers charge far more than they're worth because they have to support a big institution (and its pensions and rent). Those are yesterday's expenses -- and not today's value to you! 

NEW YORK BITLICENSE AND BLOCKCHAIN REGULATION.  Eric Dixon handles the New York State virtual currency regulations. (See his proprietary regulatory analysis.)  

A co-inventor of several blockchain-related inventions or improvements -- of which two have been approved by the United States Patent and  Trademark Office -- and active in counseling Bitcoin and blockchain-based enterprises, Mr. Dixon has already drafted extensive federal legislation (H.R. 5777, introduced Dec. 5, 2014, Rep. Stockman chief sponsor) for a moratorium on new regulation, working with leading blockchain technology industry professionals. 

Other lawyers want to charge you $1,000 an hour. Mr. Dixon is working to develop the technology. There is a difference and you benefit.  


Eric Dixon LLC:

  • world-class, independent legal/strategic advice;
  • regulatory compliance with federal and state and local agencies;
  • cutting-edge analysis to understand cutting-edge world of Bitcoin and blockchain technology computer protocols;
  • business, regulatory, estate, personal and political matters;
  • strategic consulting;
  • business due diligence / contract review;
  • investigative brilliance; and
  • litigation counseling, stress management and assertiveness training for people under investigation or in lawsuits and who need to survive a potentially life-altering ordeal.   


Eric Dixon: A 1994 Yale Law School graduate and 20-year New York corporate and investigative lawyer who represents business, political and public leaders on discreet matters sometimes involving government regulatory inquiries.  Mr. Dixon's efforts have sometimes exposed serious wrongdoing.  Handles private equity and corporate matters, management issues and regulatory compliance including matters before the IRS.  Has served as  an election lawyer to several former presidential, gubernatorial, senatorial and congressional campaigns.


ERIC DIXON: 1994 graduate of Yale Law School. Member in good standing of the New York Bar since 1995 and New Jersey Bar since 1996 with an unblemished record in both states. Former think tank research director with several articles published in major financial media. Former co-chair of New York City Bar, Science Committee's Technology Regulation Subcommittee and co-organizer of 2010 conference on technological threats to our civil rights.

I TAKE BITCOINEric Dixon supports the use of electronic currencies to foster economic growth, and is involved in several development projects and startup companies dealing with bitcoin and other cryptosecurity protocols and applications. <a class="coinbase-button" data-code="f4bfdc0f75d6bd3b78f440706ba44d53" href="">Pay With Bitcoin</a><script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
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